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Testwood and Nursling Fishery 2018 bookings now open

<b>Testwood and Nursling Fishery 2018 bookings now open</b>"It's not as far or as far fetched as the Yemen. There really are salmon and sea trout to be caught within an hour's drive of London", says Charle...Read More

NEW FOR 2018 Fly fishing beats on rivers Avon, Nadder, Itchen, Test and Kennet

<font color=green><b>NEW FOR 2018</b></font>  Fly fishing beats on rivers Avon, Nadder, Itchen, Test and KennetFor 2018, we are proud to offer the highest quality fly fishing on some 80+ beats on over 20 named rivers, for trout, salmon, sea trout, and grayli...Read More

The River Dun, Blue Pool Beat

<b>The River Dun, Blue Pool Beat  </b>The River Dun, Blue Pool Beat (a tributary of the river Test), known as The Blue Pool Beat. The beat is just over 1 km. Another secluded n...Read More

The Tanyard Beat (Middle / lower Test).

<b>The Tanyard Beat (Middle / lower Test).</b>The Tanyard Beat (Middle / lower Test). The main river Test just below Romsey with a backdrop of Broadlands Manor House. This all wading beat...Read More

FURTHER RESTORATION in 2015 and stock fencing in 2015 of our River Meon beat voted in Britain's top 5 finest trout streams by Paul Procter.

<b>FURTHER RESTORATION in 2015 and stock fencing in 2015 of our River Meon beat voted in Britain's top 5 finest trout streams by Paul Procter.</b>The river Meon near Droxford (Midlington), Hampshire. Voted as one of Britain's top 5 finest trout streams in Trout and Salmon Magazine [Ma...Read More

Hurdcott Estate - River Nadder (Avon tributary).

<b>Hurdcott Estate - River Nadder (Avon tributary).</b>Hurdcott Estate - River Nadder (Avon tributary). This is simply the perfect venue to fish and to entertain in wonderful surroundings.The Hur...Read More

Our beautiful beats on the river Test and Dever and the confluence of the two for 2018

<b>Our beautiful beats on the river Test and Dever and the confluence of the two for 2018</b>Rivers Test and Dever. Of the 80 or so fly fishing beats on the Upstreamdryfly portfolio, the lower reaches of the beautiful river Dever just ...Read More

River Test, The Bossington water

<b>River Test, The Bossington water</b>Bossington (middle Test). Part of British aviation history, Bossington is in ownership of the Fairey family, makers of the Fairey Swordfish aer...Read More

The Craven Fishery of the upper river Kennet

<b>The Craven Fishery of the upper river Kennet</b>The Craven Fishery of the upper river Kennet We are very proud to have the letting on this very beautiful privately owned water for 2015. Qui...Read More

Littlecote Fishery, Eastridge Estate (upper Kennet).

<b>Littlecote Fishery, Eastridge Estate (upper Kennet).</b>Littlecote Fishery, Eastridge Estate (upper Kennet). The Eastridge Estate’s stretch of the River Kennet, on the Berkshire / Wiltshire border (...Read More

The River Avon, Wilsford Manor Estate

<b>The River Avon, Wilsford Manor Estate </b>The River Avon, Wilsford Manor Estate This fishery comprises of approximately 1 mile of double bank fishing on the upper River Avon, as well ...Read More

The River Itchen, East Lodge Estate

<b>The River Itchen, East Lodge Estate </b>The River Itchen, East Lodge Estate East Lodge is purely and simply an anglers' paradise that is steeped in fly fishing history dating back t...Read More

Longparish House (upper river Test) Managed by Upstream Dry Fly.

<b>Longparish House (upper river Test)  Managed by Upstream Dry Fly.</b>Longparish House (upper river Test). The ultimate chalkstream experience. Three-quarters miles of gin-clear, fast, shallow water with some...Read More

Please contact us for further details and see our journal for more reports on recent trips.

Freshwater Fly Fishing

Freshwater Fly Fishing in England

IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING TO THE UK, allow us to arrange your fly fishing here as a long weekend, a day or two within your vacation or we can prepare an itinerary, bursting at the seams with world class chalk stream fly fishing for the duration of your stay.

Freshwater Chalk Stream Fly fishing successThe chalk stream is a unique habitat only found in the UK, northern France and New Zealand.  The tradition of our fly fishing history runs as deep as the chalk geology itself.  Our Hampshire rivers are the birthplace of the modern sport and offer some of the finest upstream dry fly and nymph fishing in the world today. 

Stay in an English country manor hotel or at the beautiful Greyhound on the Test with its own fly fishing beat flowing from the water meadows beyond the historic town of Stockbridge - the birth place of fly fishing.  We’ll arrange to collect you from the airport and ensure you are comfortably settled in at your accommodation.  Our guides will meet you at the hotel prior to fishing, returning from the river for lunch or dinner if you like.

Please see our recommended accommodation.

Incorporate local sites of interest into your stay such as:  Stonehenge, Winchester Cathedral, The City of Salisbury, The New Forest, and The Southampton Boat Show.  Our experienced guides can help with recommendations away from the river as well.

Come and experience the quintessential sporting challenge in the home of fly fishing – the Hampshire chalk streams.  Please contact to discuss any aspects of your trip.

International Freshwater Fly Fishing

HAVE YOU PROMISED YOURSELF THE FISHING TRIP OF A LIFETIME?  Have you found choosing from the multitude of overseas fishing trips available a little daunting? 

Upstream dryfly offer accompanied freshwater fly fishing trips to selected worldwide destinations – we offer literally the finest fly fishing our planet has to offer.  Please also see our saltwater trips

Freshwater Fly FishingUsing our extensive personal experience of the international fly fishing arena, we have hand picked a very select group of lodges, outfitters and international agents that offer simply the best fly fishing in the world.  Forming collaborations with these specialists we can be sure to guide you towards the trip that fulfils your expectations completely.  Whether you’re a veteran looking for your next challenge, a first time traveller or wanting to take the family somewhere everyone can have a great time – allow us to help you plan your perfect holiday.

The following is an excerpt from Howard’s recent article published in the Trout and Salmon Magazine:

Have you ever taken an Atlantic salmon on a dry fly?  I was told by a salmon fishing guide in Newfoundland that 80% of Newfoundland salmon landed are caught on the dry fly.  Principally on the bomber and various ‘bugs’ as all of these spun deer hair patterns are known locally.  Bombers are so popular in Canada’s most easterly provinces that in Newfoundland and Labrador one sees them for sale in gas stations, corner shops and drug stores!

Joe, my guide, tied on a small bomber or bug as he called it and pointed to a seam in the dark peaty water.  I cast upstream but the fly landed with a bit of a splat.  He patiently explained to flick the wrist up at the end of the cast to parachute the fly onto the water.  “The fly landing naturally stimulates the salmon to take”, he said.  He was dead right, third cast rose a fish just like a brownie taking a sedge at home.  That silver bar left the water as I struck and torpedoed downstream making my reel sing.  Joe tailed this cracking silver grilse of about five pounds – my first salmon on a dry fly.  It doesn’t get any better…..

Oh yes it does…..We moved to just below the falls and I flicked the bomber upstream into the pool’s eddies, a fish rose and I struck.  It felt different, diving deep and giving those horrible thumping headshakes that often prelude a slack line and stream of expletives.  As Joe landed the fish for me he yelled “sea trout”.  It was a beautifully coloured sea run brook trout of about three pounds – another first for me.  I didn’t even realise brook trout ran to the salt and again, taken on the dry.  We took a total of nine salmon and three sea run brookies that day before we had to hike back down the valley with enough daylight to spare.


Saltwater Fly Fishing Events:

Saltwater Fly Fishing Trips


UPSTREAM DRY FLY offer accompanied saltwater fly fishing trips to several fabulous destinations.  All have been tried and tested personally.  First class fishing, top quality guides, the finest hotels and lodges available, many perfect for non- fishing partners and family.  It is no wonder that our group led saltwater trips have proved so popular visiting for example: Cuba, Belize, the Seychelles and the Florida Keys.

Saltwater Fly Fishing TripOften the thought of fishing abroad for the first time can be a little daunting.  The pressure is lifted travelling within an organized led group.  Let us take care of the tricky arrangements, allowing you to concentrate on priority number one - fishing.  With an instructor on hand we can polish your techniques, enabling you to maximise your fishing skills whilst away.  One is able to avoid the often costly single person supplements and above all, the ‘après fish’ is equally enjoyable with a bunch of like minded people!

Saltwater Fishing TripHoward has been asked by Hardy and Greys to formulate a collaboration between the famous Casa Batida Fishing Club in Cayo Largo, Cuba and the world famous English fishing tackle company.  As well as lots of fishing, the trip will involve a photo shoot for the forth coming launch of the superb saltwater range of rods and reels from Hardy – look out for their new catalogue and see the journal for the full story.

The Caribbean season runs from October to August.  The Indian Ocean season runs from September to May.

HOWARD TAYLOR has been fortunate enough to have fly fished all over the world.  He is a fanatic saltwater fly fisherman with over 20 years experience, he similarly adores the pursuit of: European bass on a Dorset spring tide, permit riding the back of a Caribbean stingray, redfish mudding in the Florida back country, milkfish off a Seychelles atoll or bonefish on a Belizean pancake flat – he finds the thrills of saltwater light tackle fishing paramount in his travels for the ultimate piscatorial challenge.

The excitement of stalking a pod of bonefish in warm, knee deep, crystal clear water is exhilarating.  That moment you first spot twenty silvery tails glistening in the Caribbean sun etches on your mind for ever.  You know those fish have their noses in the sand as they root for shrimp and crabs – their keen senses are momentarily elsewhere – this is your chance.  As you stealthily align yourself with the trade winds and your target, you present a cast that doesn’t spook your quarry.  Your fly lands in the murky water they have created and you start your retrieve.  Strip, strip, strip – the line tightens and you remember not to raise the rod tip – strip strike and bang!  All hell breaks loose as that smoking first run puts your reel through its paces – one of the best sounds there is – a reel screaming, the backing knot flies through the tip ring as a good bone takes you well into your backing – fantastic!

For further information on our accompanied saltwater trips please see our events page or contact us.