Upstream Dry Fly

Dry Fly Fishing

Events: The Wild Club - fishing the Bourne Rivulet "Where The Bright Waters Meet".

There is not in this world a valley so sweet As that vale in whose bosom the bright waters meet.
(Tom Moore)

This beautiful chalkstream was lovingly written about in the classic book by Harry Plunket-Greene. Wonderful water with pure wild fish that regularly reach weights in excess of 2lbs!

Deep wading

A change of leader

Wild trout - fish on!

Careful playing - all barbless

An absolute beauty - small but perfect

Stalking upstream

A wonderful wild place

The essential first cast counts in a tunnel of trees

and just reward for a precision cast - fish on!

A careful release

Lunch - the delicious Peat Spade Inn hampers

Where bright waters' meet.