Upstream Dry Fly

Dry Fly Fishing

BBC ONE Natural History Documentary with Rory McGrath - Part of the SAVING PLANET EARTH series.

BBC ONE Natural History Documentary with Rory McGrath. Howard was asked to contribute to the SAVING PLANET EARTH BBC series, co-presenting a piece on the European eel with Rory McGrath and Carnyx Films. See the Journal entry for the full story.

Filming with the underwater camera - River Test

The eel rack starts working as soon as the hatches are opened

A nice sea trout is caught and quickly returned

The large eel trap with hatches open as we start filming

The European eel in its silver state ready to return to the saltwater.

The BBC film crew

Rory McGrath and Howard Taylor

Eels galore!

A beautiful salmon is accidentently caught on the rack and very quickly returned unharmed