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Wild Trout Beats: Our River Meon beat EXCLUSIVE TO UPSTREAMDRYFLY

In the autumn (2009), the Wild Trout Trust undertook a river restoration project on our stretch of the river Meon at Midlington in conjunction with Upstreamdryfly and the Environment Agency. Each year since we have worked on habitat restoration on this beautiful stretch. Very similar to the upper river Itchen. June 2012 we have just been awarded a further restoration grant from the newly formed South Downs National Park. This autumn we will undertake further habitat improvements. This is a fantastic chalk stream and the wild trout fishing here is 2nd to none. Voted as one of Britain's top five finest trout streams by Paul Procter in the May 2012 edition of Trout and Salmon Magazine. As stewards of this wonderful wild trout stream, we keep fishing pressure to a minimum through a careful letting programme.

Dear Howard

The Meon was on fire yesterday. It wasn't just the numbers of fish showing that was extraordinary but the size. There unprecedented numbers of 10", 11", 12" fish and the best was 14".

Spill the beans ... you've been feeding steroids into the river or stocking with some convincingly wild looking fish?

The freakiest thing on this strangest of days was seeing, I kid you not, a shoal of chub 50m above the bridge. I am at a complete loss to explain their presence. I'd have thought they belonged miles downstream at Titchfield. Any theories?

Kind regards,

Meon - post in channel restoration works

Wild Trout Trust - channel restoration

River Meon restoration by the Wild Trout Trust

WTT laying hessian inside the hazel faggots on Meon

Andy Thomas looking at site of in channel works on river Meon

WTT guys hard at work

River Meon - sluice gates are remnants of the historic water meadow system

River Meon - Old brick culvert - historic water meadows

A beautiful river Meon wild brown trout

Wading the river Meon

Trout and Salmon magazine feature photographs by Peter Gathercole. Fishing by Paul Procter

Another Meon beauty

Meon wild trout

The lower beat, river Meon at Midlington

Paul Procter fishes the Meon

Sight fishing requires super stealth tactics

Another nice fish

Large woody debris used to enhance trout habitat

Pools and pinch points created in-channel have proved fantastic fish holding spots

A wild Meon brown trout of over a pound in weight - what a reward!

Swarms of gnats on the Meon in early May

Meon in May 2014 at a point of restoration from Oct 2013

Downstream from Cutt's Arch Bridge on the lower beat of the river Meon at Midlington