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River Anton. River Test tributary - the Westfair beat...NEW WATER

River Anton.  Westfair Beat. Westfair is a beautiful upper Test tributary where the river meanders through peaceful, untouched, water meadows. The stretch has excellent fly life and weed growth which enhances the fishing. The Westfair beat has its own well-equipped fishing hut and small marquee tucked away in a copse. The stretch lends itself equally to small corporate parties of up to four or five rods as well as day rods.  

River Anton at Westover - a lovely bend with crystal water

Below the ash tree pool - lovely water

The ash tree pool - a deep hole

A long weedy glide full of life and trout!

Lovely fans of starwort - large trout on the angle bottom right

Big brownie well camouflaged

Lovely water...another cracking fish feeding happily in this image

Same fish bit a little closer

A lovely babbling run at the top of the beat with good gradient and olives hatching

Faster water

A really nice pool at the top of the beat where I counted four good sized wildies